Tuesday, January 16, 2018

¿O sea u osea?

The correct answer is: O sea
Se trata de dos palabras: la conjunción disyuntiva o y la forma verbal del verbo ser sea. Equivale a "es decir".
O sea is used to mean: "that is" or "in other words".
Here is an example of its use in conversation:
Al año siguiente de la muerte de su madre, o sea en 2010, Pedro volvió a Madrid
The year after his mother passed away, that is in 2015, Pedro came back to Madrid

It's common mistake to find "osea" instead of "o sea" in writing. It's incorrect.
However, "ósea", with an accent mark, is correct. It means "bony" or "bone".
médula ósea= bone marrow
formación ósea= bone formation

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